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Knowing your child is struggling with reading or math can be stressful for you and your entire family. We’ve seen how the endless nights of homework, test days, and reading out loud in class can make your child feel anxious and lost.

No matter the age, our unique process will give your child the confidence they deserve. 

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What Sets Us A Part

Those with dyslexia cannot simply get help with their homework and progress because they lack basic reading, spelling, writing and possibly math computation skills. The average tutor cannot meet the extra demands that students with dyslexia present. What distinguishes Success With Dyslexia from that approach is that our students use many of their senses to learn. We are here for you locally in the Toledo, Ohio area for live services and we also offer online services. 



We specialize in assessing someone’s reason for being challenged in reading, spelling, writing and/or math. With these assessments, we are able to determine what their individual needs are. Nearly all students with reading, spelling, writing and/or math challenges, whatever the cause, respond well to the multi-sensory curricula that we use.


We use a series of testing tools & assess the student’s school history and any relevant doctor records. It is usually beneficial for a client to consult with a clinician in order to obtain a diagnosis, which ensures the most appropriate help & accommodations throughout their school career, even into college. With my assessments, we are able to determine what their individual needs are, & they will also aid the clinician determining a diagnosis.


After the assessments are complete, we consult the client about our findings & the best plan of action for school accommodations, specialized tutoring & any other assistance we can suggest. 

LiPS or Wilson Instruction

The Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing program is best for those challenged with basic phonics, reading, spelling & speech. The Wilson Reading System is great for those who know the basics of the English phonemes (the sounds of the letters).


Tutoring with both these programs begins with pretesting the student in order to establish a baseline of what they need to learn first and which program would be best for them. 

The Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing Program (LiPS) is a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on phonological awareness, decoding/encoding, spelling, word recognition, reading fluency & reading comprehension. 

The Wilson Reading System teaches phonological awareness, decoding/encoding, spelling, word recognition, reading fluency, reading comprehension & vocabulary development. 

In order to ensure the most successful results for our average student to start reading fluently, we need meet for 2.5 hours/week. (2-3 times/week) The expected session lengths for younger students and those with ADHD or mild autism are adjusted according to their ability. Sessions should be continued through any time off school such as summer, spring & winter breaks. The exception of family vacation time is understood.

This standard is made because any lags in practice most often result in a student forgetting the last taught concepts. Therefore, a student may need to repeat material they had previously understood. This really slows their progress &  frustrates and discourages a student.



RightStart Mathematics Instruction

There are so many fun ways to learn math & if one tool doesn’t lead to an ‘ahaa’ moment, there are many more ways to approach that concept.


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We use this awesome multisensory math program. The photo does not do justice to the 21 math tools along with games that we incorporate in my math sessions. We meet with our students at least 2 hours/week for math lessons to ensure good progress. This program is laid out very well & has proven to be quite successful with our students.



The RightStart™ Difference

Personal, Private Care for Your Child

My goal is to always provide intensive services to assure my students the best possible progress & success, as well as to be sure you receive thorough answers to everything you need to be answered, anytime you ask!

Each student receives 1-on-1 sessions tailored to their individual needs. Each lesson builds upon what was presented earlier. This provides more practice in concepts understood while focusing on concepts the student has not yet grasped. Once a concept is understood, we progress to a new concept. Some of the skills we work on are phonological awareness, spelling, reading fluency & comprehension. This intensive intervention allows the student to progress efficiently & effectively thereby ensuring the best success.

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“Michelle is enthusiastic and very motivated to help these children with reading disabilites. I would recommend Michelle to any other family needing that extra help for their child.”


Karen Criswell, Parent